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Steps for Invisalign

steps for invisalignInvisalign treatment is different for every patient, but the basic steps for Invisalign remain the same in virtually all cases. A consultation begins the process, treatment ensues for a variable amount of time, and patients are given a retainer for use afterwards. Here is a deeper look at each of the steps patients can expect when they have their teeth straightened this way.

A Consultation with Our Dentist

To get started with Invisalign, patients visit our dentist for an examination and a discussion of treatment goals. If candidacy is confirmed, our dentist assesses dental history and takes photos, bite impressions, and X-rays in order to plan the treatment. Treatment time and any need for additional appliances are also addressed. Finally, our dentist designs the custom aligners based on the findings of this exam and orders the aligners from Invisalign before patients return to start treatment.

The Treatment Process

When patients visit our dentist again, they receive their first sets of aligners. Although the aligners commonly cause some discomfort at first, this soon fades as the teeth and supporting tissues adjust. Patients must wear their aligners for at least 22 hours per day for reliable results. Every several weeks, patients return to our office for progress monitoring and new aligners. Total treatment time lasts an average of 15 months, but this can vary significantly depending on how much correction is planned.

Retainer Usage Afterwards

The final steps for Invisalign involve the use of retainers by patients. Similar to the Invisalign aligners, the retainers are made of clear plastic and fit over the teeth. The purpose of these retainers is to keep the teeth in their new positions. The length of time for which patients should use their retainers can vary widely, but the retainers do not have to be worn nearly as much as the aligners do during active correction.

The steps for Invisalign pave the way to a better-looking smile and improved oral health for a lifetime. Not only do recipients commonly enjoy more confidence, but they are also more comfortable with straight teeth. Patients can schedule a consultation with our Invisalign dentist in Beverly Hills to find out whether this treatment is right for them.

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