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Invisalign Express

invisalign expressInvisalign Express offers the discretion and comfort of standard Invisalign in a shorter treatment period for patients with minor bite irregularities. Compared to full Invisalign treatment, this option from our Beverly Hills Invisalign Express expert uses a fraction of the number of aligners. This system can be ideal for patients who want to touch up past orthodontic treatments or resolve minor cosmetic issues in time for weddings, vacations, or other events. Like other forms of Invisalign, Express improves long-term protection against tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.

With Invisalign Express, patients can correct minor overcrowding, improper tooth rotation, and misalignment in just a few months. In these situations, full Invisalign treatment might not only take an excessive amount of time for the necessary correction but also place undue financial burdens on patients. A majority of patients choose Invisalign Express to improve less severe bite irregularities for cosmetic purposes, but some patients may benefit from undergoing this treatment in preparation for other procedures. For example, veneers may produce better results after completing this treatment from our expert in Invisalign Express in Beverly Hills.

Invisalign Express Beverly Hills

Like other forms of Invisalign, Invisalign Express involves the use of several sets of aligners in succession. To accommodate patients with different levels of requirements, Invisalign Express is offered in sets of five and 10 aligners. A consultation to take photos, bite impressions, and X-rays is scheduled by our Beverly Hills Invisalign Express expert before treatment. Once the customized aligners have been constructed, patients begin wearing their aligners. Appointments at which aligners are switched out are also used to monitor progress until treatment is complete.

Candidates for Invisalign Beverly Hills

Patients must be examined to determine whether their bite irregularities can be resolved through Invisalign Express. For more extensive requirements, patients may get better results from using Invisalign Full instead. Some individuals may also benefit from additional appliances, such as those that widen the palate or adjust the position of the jaw. To learn more about this treatment and find out whether it is a solution for specific goals, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in Invisalign Express in Beverly Hills.