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Invisalign Retainer

invisalign retainerRetainers are normally worn after any orthodontic treatment to ensure that the newly corrected teeth do not revert to their original positions. After Invisalign treatment, retainers resembling the aligners are given to patients for temporary use. The retainers are constructed from special materials to help them last longer than the aligners, which are designed for use during shorter periods before being switched out. By extending the length of time for which the teeth are held in their optimal positions, our Beverly Hills Invisalign retainer expert helps patients enjoy a lifetime of straight, healthy teeth.

Patients should use their retainer as often as recommended for the period set by our expert in Invisalign retainer in Beverly Hills. As with aligners, the retainer is normally worn at all times for a while after the initial corrective period is complete. Later, patients may be instructed to reduce their retainer wear by a certain number of hours each day. The retainer should not be worn during meals or while brushing and flossing. Because the retainer is crucial for getting the most out of Invisalign treatment, patients should immediately contact our dentist if they break or lose their retainer so that repair or replacement can occur.

Invisalign Retainer Beverly Hills

Like the Invisalign aligners, the Invisalign retainer requires daily care to maintain its condition. Whenever the retainer is not being worn, it should be stored in its case for protection. Every day, the retainer should be rinsed with water and brushed gently with toothpaste. Soaking the retainer in denture cleaner regularly can also help prevent accumulation of bacteria and water deposits. Our Beverly Hills Invisalign retainer expert can provide advice on which cleaning products are best for retainer maintenance.

In most cases, patients should wear the Invisalign retainer continuously for a minimum of three months following completion of the last alignment period. Eventually, patients may be told to reduce their retainer usage to one night per week for long-term maintenance. At a consultation with our expert in Invisalign retainer in Beverly Hills, patients can learn more about their retainer and how often they should wear it to preserve their results from Invisalign treatment.