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Price of Invisalign

price of invisalignInvisalign meets the needs of orthodontic patients who value aesthetics as well as comfort and oral health support. With clear plastic aligners but no metal brackets or wires, Invisalign is well worth the cost of this investment for many patients. As patients prepare to pay for this treatment, questions about factors involved in Invisalign pricing may arise. Price is bound to vary between patients, but similar issues affect treatment costs in most cases. Here is more about our price of Invisalign in Beverly Hills and what affects it.

What Determines the Price of Invisalign?

Our price of Invisalign in Beverly Hills is based on several factors. Most importantly, the extent of correction patients need is involved in the price of their treatment. With more bite irregularities or increased severity, costs rise because more aligners and visits are required. Costs can also vary depending on the form of Invisalign patients choose. If dental treatment is necessary before Invisalign can begin, those costs can be considered part of the total price of orthodontic correction. Finally, the use of additional orthodontics can increase treatment costs.

What Is Included in the Price of Invisalign?

The cost of Invisalign covers cosmetically appealing correction of a wide range of bite irregularities while maintaining comfort and resistance against oral health problems. With brackets and wires absent from the aligners, Invisalign is comfortable in the mouth. Abrasion is never an issue, which means that athletes and woodwind musicians may find particular value in our price of Invisalign in Beverly Hills. Oral health is supported by the ability to remove the aligners, which allows for easy cleaning of the aligners as well as the teeth and gums.

Most patients who choose Invisalign will find that treatment is faster than with alternatives. Depending on treatment goals, Invisalign may take several months or more than a year to finish correcting the teeth. In terms of long-term value, our price of Invisalign in Beverly Hills includes increased lifetime protection against tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Patients can learn more about how the cost of this treatment is determined at a consultation with our Beverly Hills Invisalign provider.