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Invisalign Specialist Beverly Hills

Invisalign Specialist Beverly Hills Invisalign treatment gives patients the most discreet path to straight teeth, but the quality of this treatment is dependent on the experience of the provider. Our Beverly Hills Invisalign specialist is experienced at treating a wide range of bite irregularities this way, ensuring that patients receive the overall results they desire, more comfort, improved oral health and boosted self-confidence. Every patient receives a personalized treatment plan and set of aligners based on the orthodontic goals they have. Here is a deeper look at how our dentist straightens teeth with clear braces.

Invisalign treatment can correct a majority of the bite irregularities that metal braces can, including overbite, crossbite, underbite, overcrowding and incorrect rotation. In cases where patients have bite irregularities that this treatment cannot correct, our Invisalign specialist in Beverly Hills will recommend appropriate alternatives or orthodontic appliances to use alongside clear braces. Invisalign Full is an option for most adults and adolescents over the age of 17. For younger adolescents, Invisalign Teen may be an option. Invisalign Express is also available for correction of very minor bite irregularities.

Beverly Hills Invisalign Specialist

Patients who visit our Beverly Hills Invisalign specialist for a consultation will first have bite impressions, photos and X-rays taken so that their treatment can be planned. Our dentist refines the design of the aligners and orders them from the manufacturing lab. When patients return to our office, they receive their first aligners and instructions for their use. Every two weeks, patients return to have their progress monitored and get their next stage of aligners. After an average of 15 months, patients complete treatment and start wearing a retainer for a period of time to stabilize the teeth into their correct positions.

By choosing our Invisalign specialist in Beverly Hills, patients can count on maximizing the potential of this treatment. The results of this treatment last for a lifetime and have a positive impact on virtually every aspect of your oral health. In some cases, patients may also benefit from the use of additional cosmetic treatments to further enhance their new smile. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about how this treatment is performed at our office.