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How Much is Invisalign?

how much is invisalignPatients can invest in Invisalign treatment to increase their comfort, improve their smile, and decrease their risks of oral health problems for life. Still, exactly how much is Invisalign going to cost? Treatment costs vary with the individual because of differences in how much correction is required. In certain cases, patients may have multiple options for addressing specific bite irregularities other than what Invisalign itself resolves.

Amount of Treatment Necessary

The amount of correction patients need has the most impact on the answer to the question, “How much is Invisalign?” Bite irregularities that Invisalign can usually fix include overbite, underbite, crossbite, and incorrect tooth rotation or spacing. As bite irregularities increase in severity, the numbers of aligners and appointments also rise. A precise estimate of how much treatment patients require can only be made after our dentist examines the teeth.

Requirement for Extra Treatments

Certain bite irregularities may not be resolved by Invisalign alone, making additional treatments necessary. The inclusion of these appliances will raise the total cost of treatment accordingly. Examples of issues that may require other orthodontics on top of Invisalign include narrow palate and extreme overbite or underbite. Some issues also may require extra features within the Invisalign system, such as special bumps attached to the aligners.

Saving Money with Invisalign

Any consideration of the cost of Invisalign would be incomplete without a look at the long-term financial benefits of treatment. Straightened teeth are less likely to develop cavities or promote gum disease, reducing chances that patients will need restorative treatment later. Furthermore, patients may experience such impressive cosmetic enhancement from Invisalign that other aesthetic procedures are no longer desired later.

How much is Invisalign? This is different in every case, but the general guidelines here should help clarify the factors involved. To retain the long-term benefits of Invisalign, patients should wear their retainers as indicated and continue to brush, floss, and visit our dentist regularly. Increased confidence, greater comfort, and lower likelihood of tooth loss make this a powerful investment for many patients who want straighter teeth. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about our Invisalign cost in Beverly Hills.

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