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How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

how much does invisalign costInvisalign gives patients results that will last for a lifetime. Better oral health, a more brilliant smile, and reduced risks of oral discomfort are all part of the package. Still, how much does Invisalign cost? The price of Invisalign treatment depends on several factors, and understanding each may help potential Invisalign recipients appreciate how worthwhile this investment can be.

Extent of Bite Irregularities Involved

The extent of orthodontics required is related to different bite irregularities in individuals. Whereas some patients may have simple treatment goals that are easily addressed with Invisalign, other patients may require a more comprehensive approach. To determine the severity of issues and create a treatment plan, our dentist performs an initial exam of the teeth and jaws. At the end of this appointment, patients will have a good idea of the answer to the question, “How much does Invisalign cost?”

Duration of Treatment Required

How much does Invisalign cost in relation to total treatment time? The answer to this question is simple. As treatment time increases so does the cost of correction. However, a number of other factors can also affect this. For example, additional appliances may or may not be used along the way. How treatment time is affected by goals depends on the bite irregularities our dentist finds as well as the selection of issues patients want to correct.

Necessity for Additional Treatment

Although Invisalign is effective for straightening most types of bite irregularities, its design prevents it from working on every orthodontic issue. If teeth need to be moved vertically, another orthodontic approach may be necessary. Likewise, correction of palate width will require the use of a palatal expander. Many irregularities can be resolved by combining Invisalign with other appliances and do not require switching to a different type of braces.

When patients ask how much does Invisalign cost, the long-term benefits of Invisalign should be considered. Increased confidence and reduced likelihood of needing costly restorative care later are both notable advantages. At a consultation with our expert in Invisalign in Beverly Hills, patients can learn more about this treatment and find out how much it may cost for them.

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