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Does Invisalign Work?

does invisalign workMany orthodontic patients are aware of Invisalign and its best-known advantages, such as discretion and comfort. However, some patients may wonder if this treatment might be too good to be true. Does Invisalign work for most bite irregularities? Yes, it does, and it usually can even be combined with other orthodontic options to address any special treatment requirements. Here is more about how well Invisalign works for recipients.

Capabilities of Invisalign

Used by an experienced provider, Invisalign can successfully straighten teeth that are affected by most common types of bite irregularities. For example, overbite, underbite, crowding, and rotation can be adjusted with Invisalign. Furthermore, Invisalign achieves these results more quickly than alternatives in many cases. Invisalign is also available in Full, Teen, and Express versions to better address the various needs of patients.

Issues That Exceed Invisalign Capability

Does Invisalign work for all orthodontic problems? Invisalign may not be the best option for correcting certain bite irregularities of specific severity. Vertical repositioning is one issue that may require another type of braces. When severe enough, rotation may also necessitate a different approach. However, the ability of Invisalign in different cases can vary and must be assessed on an individual basis by our dentist.

Combinations with Other Treatments

Does Invisalign work better when combined with other orthodontic appliances in some situations? When certain issues exceed what Invisalign alone can correct, yes, Invisalign may be used alongside, before, or after other orthodontics. This is exemplified by narrow palate, which may call for use of a palatal expander. Individuals with severe overbite or underbite due to jaw position may benefit from additional appliances to move the jaw. For many patients, attachments made by Invisalign can be used to treat these irregularities while the aligners are worn.

Does Invisalign work best when administered with expertise? Yes, experience of the clinician is crucial when measuring the potential of Invisalign to achieve treatment goals. Our dentist is experienced at using Invisalign to improve appearance and increase resistance against many kinds of oral health problems. To learn more about how well Invisalign works, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in Invisalign in Beverly Hills.

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